Trial class is available for $100.  If you register by the end of the trial session, the trial fee will be deducted in the first invoice.


AGE 3 - 5

Class duration:  1 hour

Price: 8   classes package: $ 1,840 ( $230 per class )

Price: 16 classes package: $ 3,440 ( $215 per class )

Numbers of players per class:  Max 8 players

Learning Objectives:  In fun relay games, children learn to cooperate with teammates and compete with each other to finish different sports-themed tasks in a respectful manner, with the aim to develop all-rounded motor skills and a game-plan mindset.


Course Contents:  Players will team-up and play against other teams, compete to finish different tasks set up at different stations, including releasing and retrieving, running and crawling. They will also learn simple movements of different sports, such as hitting balls with rackets, kicking and passing, dribbling, etc..

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Motor skills

Eye-hand coordination



Team building


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