GSM's mission is to raise the recognition and awarness of the importance of children's sports, so that one day children sport development will be seen and valued as much as learning languages, musical instruments or arts. We hope that one day parents will see children sports not as a way to fill the time gap, but something that is crucial to every children's physical condition, psychological wellness and social network.

This is a long journey. Changing a long set perception and setting a new trend is always challenging, but someone has to take the risk and pay the price to lead, Thus here we are, and together we succeed.

Why investing so much on kids' tennis? This is undoubtedly the most frequent question I've been asked lately. Indoor mini tennis school set up takes up a huge space - which in Hong Kong that translates to hefty rent; each session can only cater up to maximum 4 players only. With these fundamental elements one can easily work out that this is a high investment with low returns - not perfect for business. So why?

There is a mission.

​We believe sports is important in every child's life. Sports is not just kicking a ball in the playground, it requires practice with commitment and perseverance, it also requires competitiveness with determination and respect. All these have to be done scienticfically and systemactically, just like how adults would have done it. If you train your kids in sports with this mind-set, he or she will learn how to surmount difficulties and how to cope with both victory and failure in early stages of their lives. This will go a long, long way...

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