AGE 3 TO 8 (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Levels)


Learning Objectives: The Mini Tennis program provides high quality coaching for players aged between 3 and 8. It introduces youngsters to tennis, develops their game in an enjoyable environment and supports them to achieve their full potential. Mini Tennis uses smaller courts, shorter rackets and lower bouncing balls and the score is modified to ensure children learn in a way that suits their physical size, emotional maturity and tactical skill.

Course Contents:  Players will be grouped by experience and ability to ensure a suitable learning progress. Simple tools such as colored rings and cones to advanced equipment such as automatic ball machines and animated target systems will be employed to ensure players are learning in scientific and systematic ways.


AGE 1 - 3 (Beginner and Advanced Levels)


Learning Objectives: To help young children prepare for their learning journey into pre-nursery and kindergarten. GSM Pre-ballers Program is specially designed to nurture motor skills, social skills and etiquette of children in a fun and entertaining environment.


Course Contents:  Through deliberately designed sports-themed programs, which include going through obstacles, grabbing and throwing objects of different sizes and textures, young children will quickly develop all-rounded motor skills, eye-hand coordination, fine handling skills, bone and muscle quality and, last but not least, the ability to understand instructions and cooperate with other players in a team.


AGE 3 - 5


Learning Objectives:  In fun relay games, children learn to cooperate with teammates and compete with others to finish different sports-themed tasks in a respectful manner, with the aim to to develop all-rounded motor skills and a game-plan mindset.


Course Contents:  Players will team-up and play against other teams, compete to finish different tasks set up at different stations, including releasing and retrieving, running and crawling. They will also learn simple movements from different sports, such as hitting balls with rackets, kicking and passing, dribbling, etc.

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